• Epichlorohydrin


    Product Property

    Colorless liquid with pungent smell like chloroform.


    It is used to make epoxy resin. It is also a stabilizer and chemical intermediate of oxygen-containing substances.


  • Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

    Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

    Product Property

    White flake.


    1.Snow-melting and deicing on roads, highways, parking lots, airports and wharves.

    2.Oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid, dehydrating agent in petrochemical field.

    3.Preventing dust, coal dust and mine dust.

    4.Calcium chloride solution used as flocculant in sodium alginate field, cold carrier in refrigeration and cold drink field, and used in sewage treatment.

    5.Concrete antifreeze agent to accelerate cement settlement.



  • Phosphorous Acid

    Phosphorous Acid

    Product Property

    White or light yellow crystal, garlic smell, easily deliquescence.


    1.Is an intermediate in the preparation of other phosphorus compounds.In the manufacture of superphosphates for fertilizers, other phosphate salts, polyphosphates.

    2.Use an pesticide intermediate and raw material of organic phosphorus water treatment agent.

    3.Mainly used as reducing agent, nylon brightening agent, raw material of phosphite.